Together, we believe:

  • -That Nobile has always been the Tuscan wine par excellence.
  • -That Nobile is among the highest quality wines in all of Italy.
  • -That while our municipality and Consorzio have worked tirelessly to advocate the Nobile, their promotional mission can only be realised with a collective commitment from the most acclaimed Nobile producers.
  • -That historically the Nobile winegrowers have approached the market in an uncoordinated manner. It is about time that in the wake of their institutions the Montepulciano producers contribute actively to the promotion of their terroir and the Nobile.
  • -That now it is time for the rebirth of the Nobile as a revered classic that deserves to be rediscovered by wine lovers who have grown tired of expensive and disappointing big names.
  • -That the time has come to give the proper esteem and voice to the Nobile, just as our famous neighbours have done for years.

Together, we will:

  • -Showcase the ageing ability of Nobile, fruit of an exceptional terroir capable of producing the most distinguished Sangiovese grapes in the world.
  • -Endeavour to make wines that are held to the highest standard.
  • -Bring the overlooked qualities of the Nobile to the attention of the international wine arena.
  • -Educate the public on how to identify Nobile’s unique characteristics.
  • -Organize tasting events, which will educate and inform professionals as well as consumers about Nobile’s unique and attractive qualities.
  • -Restore the Nobile’s badge of honour.


Individual humility and collective pride is probably the best definition of nobility.”